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I am Drew Latham


I've been a bit of an artist my whole life.  I always liked to draw even though my drawings probably weren't the best compared to other artist's besides myself.  But I liked what I did and that's what counts.

I have always been fascinated with cars, especially of the exotic kind, and spaceships and outer space.  I spent most of my time drawing cars and spaceships as a kid and beyond. 

I took art class in 7th grade, but never really clicked with it.  I believe I survived that semester with a "C".  I had a lot of other things on my mind of things I wanted to do as well. As in learning to play guitar and other musical instruments and wanting to learn how to fly a plane, another dream since the age of eight.  I eventually bought a guitar by the end of ninth grade, and in the last twelve years, I've flown three times.

Back in February of 2010, I was searching Youtube for tips and tricks on making MS Paint more efficient to use since I have done most of my artwork on there.  I was trying to find a tip on how to use the spray tool and wanted to see some artwork that was done with the spray tool when I found a link titled, "Amazing Spray Can Art".  I clicked on that and watched with amazement as the artist sprayed layers of paint on a sheet of poster board, rubbed a sheet of magazine paper over it, put a lid down and eventually made a planet in space and other various features.

I have always wanted to try painting via "Bob Ross" style, but when I discovered Spray Paint art, I immediately knew this gig was more my speed.  As soon as I was able. I went and got paint and supplies and did my first three paintings which turned out flat because I had bought the wrong kind of poster board.  The next day I went out and got the right kind of poster board, did my next few and turned out much better

I had planned on taking this up just as a bit of a hobby, but after doing my first 10 paintings in the period of a few days, I went to a friends house to show them what I could do with spray paint and to show them how to do it.  Well, their neighbors were having a party, and the kids ran and told their parents.  While my friend was doing his first painting, they all proceeded to come over one by one and asked me if I sold these. Four hours later I was packing my stuff up with extra cash in my wallet then I previously had.

About a month later, on short notice, I packed up my truck and went to Moscow, ID for an annual festival and did my first show, completely unprepared but made due the best I could.  After that, I did a local fair, and then "The Balloon Stampede" in Walla Walla, WA.  Then I did a local once a month street fair in Lewiston and Clarkston for the rest of the summer.

 I stopped counting my pictures after 106, in which all of those are numbered. I gave away a few of my first 10, sold the next 10. From then on, after different fairs and festivals I know I have done well over 600 paintings. 

Spray paint art has expanded my horizons far beyond the universe and I will most likely be doing it for as long as I possibly can.

There are many of us out there, but there is only one


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